Performance of pfsense vs m0n0wall on soekris 4801

  • I have a soekris 4801 and was running m0n0wall on it. I've tried out pfsense on a pc and really like the features. I was thinking of getting a larger CF card and installing pfsense on my 4801.

    Is the soekris box enough to run the embedded version of pfsense? I'll be running traffic shaping for voip and a small set of firewall rules.

  • More details are required, at the very least bandwidth.  Requirements for 1 Mb/s and 20 Mb/s aren't going to be the same ;)

  • Internet connection is 15 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up

  • You are going to want to stick with the FreeBSD 4 series of m0n0wall in this case (1.2).

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