6RD Tunnel setup on WAN causes reboot loop

  • I have been unable to install the snaps after the 28th of April due to them causing reboot loops on "Configuring WAN Interface". When I changed the WAN IPv6 setting from 6RD Tunnel to None, the May 6th snapshot installed OK.

    Adding the tunnel back causes the same problem to reappear. Immediately on applying changes the console spews out loads of errors and pfSense automatically crashes/reboots. Tips for other users on how to recover from this:

    Boot into Single User mode
    After some reboots the disk will probably be marked inconsistent.
    Run fsck to check for errors and mark the disk ok
    Upmount / as r/w by running mount -u /
    List the backup configs ls -la /conf/backup
    Copy the latest backup config.xml cp /conf/backup/config-xxxxxxxx.xml /conf/config.xml
    exit to finish

    A feature suggestion could be a boot choice or readily available shells script: "[R]estore latest config.xml" as not every pfSense user knows their way around FreeBSD. This choice is already present in the console menu as 15) Restore recent config, but only available after a completed boot.

    My setup is otherwise simple, running in VMWare ESXi 5.5 with VMXNET3 network drivers for WAN and LAN.

  • It should be fixed on newer snapshots.
    Please test and let me know.

  • Thanks, yes.

    While 6rd does not work yet (see other reports and posts, effectively boiling down to https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/2882), setting up the 6rd config on wan does no longer cause spontaneous reboots.

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