Dual WAN with IPv4 & IPv6

  • Hi there,

    I would like to have both IPv4 and IPv6 running on my pfsense firewall.
    Here's my configuration :

    • A dedicated server with 1 IPv4 address and a /64 IPv6 bloc running into a ESXi Virtual machine.
      The IPv4 interface had a special MAC address (my hoster generate one)

    • 2 LAN : One for Internal services and the 2nd for web services

    • IpSec activated for connection between 2 pfsense and for mobile connection

    At this point, IPv4 for well but I would like to use my IPv6 bloc.
    My hoster provide me all information (routers, ips…) but I can't get it working.

    I tried on a single vm with 2 interface and its working without any problems.
    On the pfsense, the WAN interface had the custom mac address with the IPv4 address and an other interface with the mac address from the physical host with an IPv6 address but I can't ping it and the pfsense can't ping the ipv6 router.

    Rules are set to accept all outgoing traffic for both interface and all incoming ICMP traffic.

    I don't know what to do at this point.

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