Do I really have to add a "q" in front of the queue name for RRD to work?

  • Hi all,

    I was trying a lot different things for a long time and then by pure chance I got the RRD graphs for the queues running. I created a new queue on a test system and I called it qTest and for this system I saw RRD graphs.
    On another system the graphs stayed blank. Only the queue names together with their colors were visible. I thought I'll give it a try and added a "q" in front of all queue names (for example "Default" is now "qDefault") and suddenly the RRD graphs worked. I removed the "q" again and again I had blank RRD graphs.
    I could re-produce 100% of the times - by adding a "q" in front of the queue name the RRD graphs work and without they don't.

    Is that simply coincidence? Or a kind of late april fool?  :)

    Just want to make sure… Do I really have to add a "q" in front of each queue name?


  • I did several more tests on this.
    Whenever the queues don't have the letter "q" in front of the name they didn't show up in the RRD graphs.

    Just in case anyone is having the same issue…

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