LAN (external subnet) NAT issue?

  • Hi guys,

    Here is my problematic setup.

    internet -> pfsense in LAN1 -> router -> LAN2

    LAN2 has an illegal internal subnet. LAN2 cannot get on the internet.
    All routing has been verified; LAN rule added to allow the subnet. LAN2 can ping the internal pfsense interface.

    I suspect pfSense doesn't like the external (lan) subnet when natting; I have not figured out how if there was a way to resolve this issue apart from re-IPing LAN2.

    I have searched but havent found something similar or may have not searched for the correct term?

    Thanks for helping!

  • OK I figured it out by enabling manual NAT and natting the bad internal network;

    I don't recall having to do this for the same setup with "correct" lan subnets.

    Hope this helps,

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