Trying squid but can't even block a domain

  • So, I'm just getting my feet wet in pfsense and am just doing a lot of things to learn them for the future.

    My setup is as follows- modem->pfsense box->router->devices.

    I installed squid and squidguard via packages and configured them lightly. Both services are running and were restarted after any changes.
    I made a simple rule for the domain and another for the (random site) domain. Both were saved and denied in the Common ACL (and yes, saved it and restarted the filter/server both.) Also, it's the first rule in the ACL (above all the blacklisted items from a blacklist url that I have saved.)

    Flushed all caches (host, router, pfsense) then navigated to each and both came up.

    I apologize for what I assume is a very, very basic question on this site. I tried to search but with it being so vague, it wasn't very fruitful.
    I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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