Captive portal - is it me or is this product not ready?

  • First off, I wouldn't bag on the fine folks who develop open-source products.  I would simply like an objective view on captive portal on pfSense.  Is it ready for the corporation (and it's bitchy people) yet?

    This is very common:  I'll attempt to access the Internet via our sparkling, new ap on it's vlan with only a path to the DSL gateway to the interwebs.  I get the old 'Webpage cannot be displayed' error page.  I disable captive portal, reload the browser and Google appears.  Yeah.

    I enable captive portal, reload the browser, the "Welcome to our Guest Wireless, blah blah" page comes up.  Double yeah!

    I enter today's voucher-nothing.  Please enter your guest voucher here:  appears.  Not the, "Oops, you screwed that up, do it again" page.  No error page, just the same 'enter your voucher" page.  The voucher must be a legitimate voucher or I'd get the error page.

    Then again, sometimes it works.  That's the issue I have; it's just too flakey to put into a live environment.  Is there possibly something I'm doing wrong?  Is there anyone out there that has experienced this before?  Has anyone fixed these type issues.

  • At times, it'll work fine.  Then I try just a few moments later and I get this in the logs.  So, it seems to be fine but I don't get redirected to, and will error out if I try.

    logportalauth[99345]: Voucher login good for 120 min.: jdQyjmAz6sZ, ,

    Again, this does not prompt a voucher-page error and seems to be allowing access but navigating the Internet only brings me back to the voucher screen.

  • Hi Miles:

    I'm not a captive portal user or maintainer, but there is a dedicated forum for it here:

    Someone in there might be able to help.  You may have tried there already, and if so just ignore this post.


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