3G Modem missing interface…

  • Hi,

    It seems that the 2.2 ALPHA based on FreeBSD 10 has better result with Sierra Wireless MC8801 3G Modem because the driver is now built-in.

    I spent a lot of times with Linux Debian to understand how was working Sierra MC8801 3G Modem and the Direct IP mode.
    If i understand correctly the Direct IP mode from Sierra, you still need to use AT Commands to control the modem (you configure it to have an auto mode with auto connection) and the Data IP flow is done trough a specific interface like an ethernet interface (u3g0 in my case).

    But when i cannot add this new interface because pfSense didn't see it, how to add it ?
    Thanks in advance.



    [2.2-ALPHA][admin@signac.airboum.net]/root(1): dmesg
    ugen3.2: <sierra wireless,="" incorporated="">at usbus3
    u3g0: <sierra 0="" 2="" wireless,="" incorporated="" mc8801,="" class="" 0,="" rev="" 2.00="" 0.06,="" addr="">on usbus3
    u3g0: Found 5 ports.</sierra></sierra>

  • Yeah it's broken still, more info in this thread :


  • Thanks for the answer.

    I think my problem i snot that my modem is not detected, it is detected correctly. I can talk to the modem using AT commands.

    I just need to be able to add the u3g0 interface as an ethernet interface and that will be perfect.

    On the long term, a 3G-4G interface could be added where some settings available will perform the correct initialization for the modem (PIN Code, SIM APN, Diversity, Auto Connect, etc…) and the data ip flow will be done trough an virtual ethernet interface like re0 (in my case on the APU1C).

    Reminder : Sierra mode using Direct IP cannot be control and handle using the ppp dialer.

    Does it make sense ?

  • What could be the manual process to add the u3g0 interface as a virtual ethernet interface on my testing device ?

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