PfSense for a busy public WiFi?

  • Currently using TomatoUSB on an ASUS RT-N16 with QoS configured for the router at a 150 room hotel.  Does a decent job but starting to reboot often after 4 years of service.  I want a reliable captive portal, so looking at pfSesnse as a replacement.

    Does pfSense do a good job at keeping a lot of WiFi users happily surfing the Internet?  I need something that has QoS ability to keep a couple users from crippling a 7Mbps/1Mbps Internet connection for a busy public WiFI.

  • Wireless N is not supported at the moment , you need to wait for the next release  , or buy a separate wireless N bridge and let pfsense do the captive portal stuff.

  • You could use pfSense and then just reconfigure the RT-N16 as an access point. Not sure what is causing your RT-N16 issues though, so that may not solve the issue…

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