Traffic shaping only to router

  • Okay let's try this and see if anyone can help me. :)
    Okay so I have a Pfsense box set up and everything,main reason for the setup was for the use of the traffic shaping.
    So I have a 1 LAN and one WAN port
    WAN ip address range is and the lan is
    The traffic shaper worked in shaping the traffic to the router so traffic to the internet is limited but the problem is all traffic on the network is now limited.
    If I try to access one of my servers which is on the network the speeds to the server is also that of the traffic shaper.
    Is there a way to limit the traffic only to the router so that any other device on the network has full speed access?
    The IP address of the router is

    Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!! :D :) ;) :D ;D

  • I would like to bump this as I am sitting with the same problem…

  • Please try to clarify your question. Is it really the case you only want to shape traffic to the router itself? Or is it really the case that you want to shape traffic from the WAN to any host on a LAN but not between different LAN/DMZ hosts. It would be helpful if you made a network diagram and then gave some examples of traffic you would and would not like to shape.

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