Don't show Available packages list

  • Hello to guys and girls

    I am using pfsense and install a few packages at the first of install it,
    but now that i want to install a new package, the available packages list don't shown to me.

    Do any one why this happen?
    And How i can solve this problem?

    Meantime package repository is default of pfsense.

    Thank you for your helps friends.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You don't see any packages?

    Can the pfSense box check for updates?

    If your clients behind the box can get general internet access but the box itself can't it's usually one two problems:
    1. You are using policy based routing so the clients get a connection but the box always uses the default gateway and it's misconfigured.
    2. You have a limited or bad IPv6 config to the box and it defaults to using that first. See:


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