Will pfsense work for me? load balancing/QoS - newbie question

  • Hi all,

    Please excuse the newbie type question:

    What would I need in the way of hardware to run pfsense in the scenario listed below type of situation(ie Soekris 4801?):

    • multiple workstations connecting wirelessly (54MB radios) to two or three ADSL feeds at a central location on the same ADSL vlan
    • some workstations want priority traffic for VOiP … others want priority for browsing or email
    • gamers and file torrents are the lowest priority on either network going out through the same gateway

    How can I traffic shape to send VOiP traffic to a specific ADSL modem if they are on the same vlan and gateway as the others?  Is this possible with pfsense on a soekris or similar router or do I need a hardware load balancing solution? Will pfsense work for me in this type of scenario?

  • Soekris 4801 is too slow to work with wireless cards and multiple wans. Once traffic goes up on the wireless, the CPU interrupt usage goes sky high and nothing else gets done. Look at the new ALIX boards.

    This is from experience. I want to get rid of my net 4801 board for this reason.

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