Dynamic DNS failed to notice IP change

  • Hi,

    Been using Dynamic DNS feature for quite some time (DYN and Loopia) and the ISP had a major failure yesterday that went on for many hours. However when they did come back I do not know since my Pingdom was still showing down this morning and yet users were able to surf the net!

    After looking into this it appears that pfSense indeed showed all hosts as red with the old IP and since they were pointing to incorrect IPs the incorrect Pingdoms status was logical.

    After going into each entry and pressing "save" all of them synced correctly.

    What was this about? When should pfS have noticed the new IP?

    I am using 2.0.3 (partly due to expected problems with Snort after upgrade and I have a lot of interfaces and a lot of settings so.. but I am about to upgrade any day..).


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