Lightsquid and groups in SquidGuard (working patch inside)

  • Hello,

    I needed a solution to put the groups from squidguard to lightsquid. I have written a little patch for the lightsquid package. With this patch you can transfer the groups on the pfsense gui. It works fine for me, maybe someone can use/help this. Or better someone can put this patch in the squidguard package.




  • This is the wrong decision. LightSquid should take the information only from the SQUID.
    In any case, you can do that you need changes in you personal system.

  • Squid can't handle with group informations?!? With the patch lightsquid does not use trafficinfomation  from LightSquid direct. The patch only adds a button to the GUI. The group information can be transferred manually via the GUI. Lightsquid  takes no information from  Squidguard directly. The patch supports the user only in the transfer process.

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