Basic shaping question

  • Couple quick questions for you guys…

    First I'll give you the scenario, then what I need to accomplish.

    We have moved our call center to a new state and I don't have a new IT person yet. At our previous office we were behind an out of the box router with 1 smart switch and 2 48 port dub switches. We had VLANs set up to separate voice and data, and for the most part had few issues.

    Our dialer is asterisk based, and is currently being hosted. Our agents access through a web interface, and use xlite softphones registered to the hosted servers.

    I have decided that in our new office we are going to bring our dialer in house in the near future. So I wanted to started out with a beefed up router and work forward from there.

    As I said, I don't have my prior IT guy on hand who handled setting up our VLANs in the previous office. I do pretty much everything else from an IT perspective, and basically learn along the way. In short, I'm a noob, and know just enough to get my self in trouble most times!

    Our ISP is currently Comcast with a 75 x 15 line. When I speed test it its pretty consistently 83 x 17. The modem is currently in bridge mode. Behind the modem will be the pfsense box on either a precision 390 or a proliant 1u. Behind that is currently a netgear switch, that will be replaced with most likely an HP switch.

    I believe that being that we ran over 100 stations on an out of the box Cisco router with a couple VLANs and had few issues, pfsense with some basic controls should be able to blow that out of the water.

    My agents have very basic needs with regards to bandwidth. VoIP and a very small amount of data, basically just the web interface with the dialer. Occasionally they need to use the web to look up something, but never more than just a webpage.

    I need the VoIP traffic to have the highest level QoS as possible on our LAN. Everything else can come second.

    So I guess my main question is can this be accomplished with the basic QoS and traffic shaping tutorial on the pfsense site? Or do I need to be looking at a different solution?

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