Trying to install every time I reboot

  • Installed 2.1.3 via USB on dell precision 390…

    Ran default install
    Installed to hard drive
    Formatted drive
    Installed what seemed to be properly
    Clicked reboot
    Pulled the USB when the system shut down

    When the system booted it immediately went back into the install boot from the beginning, and has continued to do so every time I reboot.

    It gives me an option when it initially boots of f1 pfsense, f5 drive 1, f6 pxe

    If f1 it tries to install pfsense
    If f5 it hangs at grub line
    If f6 no boot device available (pulled the USB so there is nothing there)

    I'm not sure what the problem is here??

  • And nevermind…I forgot my helmet and crayons yesterday!

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