Native IPv6 local network issue

  • Hi all!

    So I finally managed to deploy IPv6 to my whole network (home).
    Exchange, IIS, Apache all working great so far :)

    But I have trouble with Android devices.
    My tablet or windows phone get IPv6 address without a problem, but my Android devices (3 different phones and 3 different android versions) do not.
    Also all windows notebooks get IPv6 without any trouble…

    Here is the funny thing...
    When I had IPv6 over, my Android deviced DID get IPv6 now with native NO-GO...

    Provider gave me /56 which I divided into 16 networks of /60.

    Can /60 be the problem here?
    Should I went with /64 for my local networks?

    Thanks for any suggestions :)

  • I actually answered my own question…

    Local subnets MUST be /64 always.

    When I changed from /60 to /64 all started to work as it should.

  • @maverick_slo:

    Local subnets MUST be /64 always.

    Not strictly true, but SLAAC (auto-config) will indeed not work with anything other than a /64.

  • Yeah, for android devices is a must, they only use SLAAC.

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