Is anyone from the PFsense development staff monitoring these forums?

  • I have posted some issues here and have gone days with no reply or input on them.
    It's unusual as I usually get good replies within 24 hours.

    Just curious.

  • Monitoring: no
    Yes some devs regularly read the forum.
    If you don't get a reply this could mean that the posted issue is just not interesting or already handled elsewhere ;)

  • As much as usual. There's so much here that even spending several hours a week here each, we can't possibly address every thread (or even a majority of them). Generally if I can provide reasonable guidance quickly on a thread, or if it looks like a bug, I'll reply. If someone's essentially asking for hours of time doing a proper network design, I'll be glad to do those kinds of things, but only under our support or professional services depending on specifics.

    One of the great things here is how many other really knowledgeable folks chip in to help. It's unusual for a thread to go unanswered. Generally only if it's way more involved than a forum thread should reasonably be (you really need to hire a network consultant), or if the post is really unclear. If something goes unanswered for 24 hours, you're welcome to bump it.

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