Throttling traffic between LAN connections

  • Hi Everyone,

    I maintain 2 separate LANS for servers and the other for workstations.  We have some distributed processing needs and tend to run them on the workstations which feed back data to a fileserver on the server side.  Unfortunately, I've asked the developers to throttle their workstation usage since there are enough to cause a DDOS on the local network, but essentially its going to come down to me.  Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me get any type of limiting/throttling to work for LAN to LAN, connections.  All the research I've done only seems to yield throttling LAN to WAN side.    Is this something that can I totally missing something here?  I've been trying to do this with In/Out limiters specified in a firewall rule allow Desktop LAN traffic access to a specific server on X port.

    I'm on pfsense 2.1 btw.

  • Traffic shaping can be done on any interface of the firewall. In your case, traffic between LANs must go through your pfSense box. Are there two different physical interfaces for each LAN?

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