Bind Package as forwarder

  • Hi,

    we're using for our internal net (LAN) the same domain name as is used externally (ie

    We've configured a bind as master server for the LAN. So every clients always gets the internal hosdt names, when needed.

    Now we have a second LAN (let's call it ORANGE) where I don't want to expose the internal host names- only the official Interner ones.

    But I want pfsense itself to know about the internal host names. As the default DNS forwarder does not provide this possibility I installed the bind package.

    I've configured two views: One containing only the second LAN (ORANGE) telling to use the provider DNS servers as forwarders for zone "."

    The second view contains the LAN and tells to forward requests for "" to our internal DNS servers.

    Unfortunaltey it appears bind does provide the same resolution to both views- when I request an internal host name it always replies with the official internet address  >:(

    Anyone having an idea what's going on here?  I thought the different views are separated totally?



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