Squid transparent mode, how to access the IPsec on the other end of the HTTP:80

  • For example, A (, pfsense =====IPsec===== B (2.1.3), pfsense 2.1.3)

    To access the B from the A private IP service normal (A without the use of transparent squid 80 service),

    To access the A from the B private IP service normal except HTTP (80 port), B opens a transparent squid services, from B telnet A 80 is also normal, but not normal HTTP access A:80 (HTTP protocol other port normal).

    In the use of squid (80) transparent mode, how can access through the IPsec while the other end is private IP HTTP protocol default port?


  • The problem has been solved!
    Set in a private ip in squid do not pass on it.
    Bypass proxy for Private Address Space (RFC 1918) destination
    Do not forward traffic to Private Address Space (RFC 1918) destination through the proxy server but directly through the firewall.

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