EMail report DynDNS service

  • Hi again!  :)

    Until a few days ago I only used the "basic" notifications service in one pfSense box (System -> Advanced -> Notifications) and got a daily eMail when my provider interrupted PPPoE to give a new IP to the box:

    "DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN (pppoe0) to"

    Last weekend I installed the mail reports package as well as the service watchdog package (with notification for some services, like snort and openVPN enabled).

    Since then, I don't receive any eMails from the DynDNS service any more. Does anybody have a clue what went wrong and how to get this report again?

    Many thanx in advance!

  • Solution: Changed the eMail address to my "local" mailserver (on the other side of VPN tunnel) at the same time.

    It takes 3-4 minutes to re-establish the tunnel (although DynDNS service is up to date the open VPN client repeatedly tries with the old IP…) and in this time the eMail gets lost somewhere...

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