Configure pfsense inside the lan

  • Dear Friends,

    i was very new to pfsense. i want to use pfsense for limit the bandwidth for inside lan user. We are already running the windows 2008 DNS server.  my wan ip is if it is  possible to use the "WAN network as an LAN to limit the bandwidth for active directory users.. please kindly explain me clearly…

    Thanks in advance


  • You really need pfSense to be between the ordinary users and the internet. A pfSense device with LAN and WAN. Then you can do traffic shaping and lots of other stuff.
    Tell us your current configuration of LAN, internet connection and where you have a pfSense sitting if you need more help.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Um that is not a wan IP, that is a rfc1918 address that you would use on our lan.  Why do you need to control bandwidth on your lan?  To your 2k8 server?  If you go into more details of your perceived issue and what you would like to do to fix it.

    We can either agree this is best solution, or maybe point you in better direction.  Maybe pfsense can solve your problem, maybe not - but without understanding what your wanting to do exactly??

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