Outbound Address Redirect from WAN

  • I am attempting to work around a small problem due to what I think may be a misconfiguration of my ISP's DHCP.
    Essentially, the lease renewal request ends up going to the ISP's private IP address instead of a public IP.
    See: Incorrect "Server Identifier" in DHCPACK?
    My ISP seems to disagree that this is a problem, this was their response:

    The server identifier is correct. The “public address” of the DHCP server is virtual and differs based on the specifics of that network segment.

    Don't know exactly what's being said there, but the end result is still that the lease renewal is trying to reach a private IP address.

    I've added "supersede dhcp-server-identifier <isp public="" ip="">" to /var/etc/dhclient_wan.conf, but that made no difference, it still tries to go to the private IP.

    Now I'm trying to redirect the ISP's outbound private IP to the public IP.
    If I set a port forward rule on the LAN interface, I can redirect the private IP to the public IP as long as I ping from the LAN side.
    However that doesn't affect lease renewal requests that come from pfSense.
    A port forward rule on the WAN side doesn't work either, since I assume that only works inbound.

    I attempted to do various things with route-to rules in /tmp/rules.debug and then running "pfctl -f /tmp/rules.debug", but I had no luck with that, probably because I don't know what I'm doing.

    Is there a way to redirect an outbound address to another one on the WAN interface?</isp>

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