[solved] Crash everytime 3sec after booting from USB stick!

  • Hi

    Server: HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2
    BIOS: 2014.03.28 (A)  2 May 2014  (latest version)

    I have tried different images/builds of pfsense on a USB stick (I checked and it boots perfect on other computers)
    I tried 386 and 64AMD version

    It crash after 3 sec of booting from the USB stick. (every image i tried and now I tried the latest snapshot and it freeze after it crash soo I could take a photo of it)

    Please see the included picture and please help me with any idees.


    In the BIOS disable HP smart array B120i Array support.

    The meny is broken in the BIOS, looks like there is only one option but if you use the arrows you can select "SATA AHCI support" instead.

    And now the BTX HALT error is gone.

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