• Our provider give us a mask /29 = (several static ip adresses on a adsl)
    but if i establish a connection the mask is

    how can i fix the problem?
    where is the configuration file for pppoe?

    using now 1.0beta2 (beta1 same prob)

  • What is the IP you get assigned to the interface at dialin? Is that IP part of the /29 subnet you got? I guess they just route the /29 over to you additionally to your real pppoe IP they assign you. In that case you just could add a public subnet for this /29 at one of your internal interfaces or add virtual IPs and NAT them to the appropriate internal machines.

  • The first adress will be assigned to the wan interface by pppoe dialin. It
    is the one and only ip block that i have.
    After then i want to bridge opt1 to wan and connect the machines with real static ip´s.
    I dont want to take the machines i a local/dmz net  and forward it 1:1 (full featured nat)
    Today there is a problem with the subnetmask that is set to

  • If it is that way your provider is probably assigning a wrong subnetmask.

  • @hoba:

    do you mean if the interface "says" then it comes wrong from provider
    and it not a error in the pfsense configuration template?

    are there a way to set pppoe with static ipadress / subnetmask?

  • pppoe is similiar to dhcp. these values should be assigned by your provider. however I don't have a setup similiar to yours. I would suggest giving your provider a ring and ask them how it is supposed to be set up.

  • Now my Provider has confirmed that the subnetmask of was and will
    correct assigned by the dialin router/server on provider side.

    Meanwhile my pfsense works with the mask correct - mean
    the public ips on the bridged interface are working.