Avaya IP Office issues

  • We have been trying over a month to get this to work.  We have an Avaya IP Office v9 that we recently installed.  Everything works fine for the people in the office.  We have a couple of people that have offices in other cities that we want to have their phones connect to the system.  I have spent hours trying to get these phones to register on the system.
    When we try the stun server  we get "Blocking Firewall" and we believe that is the root of the problem.

    In our current setup we have /29 on the WAN interface.  One of the public IPs is setup using 1:1 NAT to the IP Office IP.  I have the following ports open on the WAN UDP: 1701, 1718-1720, 49152-53247, 69      TCP:  5061, 50805, 8443      TCP/UDP: 50802, 50804, 50812, 50798, 5060, 50798, 50794

    I can see where the packets are coming and leaving but for some reason nothing works.

    Does anyone have a working configuration that they are willing to share?  That would be great.

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