Unable to use dynamic public IP from 2nd WAN

  • Hello all, I've learned a lot with pfSense, but I'm stuck in something for the whole day.

    I have 2 WAN's, one has static range of 32 IP's and another one is a single dynamic IP.

    Everything worked fine in my pfSense setup: traffic shaper, single WAN, firewall, etc. But I wanted to join two of my local networks (32PCS with 5PCS) in pfSense, hence the present multiwan setup. I had Virtual IP and 1:1 NAT for the 32 static IP's.

    Currently, DHCP is working fine, has internal IP's assigned to all of the computers.

    The 5 computers in the new network will be sharing the dynamic IP, but the problem is they are all using the pfSense public IP (ex. 190.xxx.xxx.x98 for pfSense). The rest of the computers in the old network has their static public IP's assigned, so I don't have to touch their setup.

  • Solved! That was silly, using policy based routing in firewall rules and put it to the top of the list in LAN interface.

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