Voip via MULTI WAN

  • Hi all,

    I have managed to get Multi WAN working however when I pull the main WAN and WAN2 takes over, our Elastix (voip) connection is lost to the VSP!

    Reboot the Elastix box after putting the main WAN back online and it works fine again!

    I don't have any rules running as it seems to connect ok!

    Any ideas?

  • Your VoIP connections will drop, there's nothing you can do about that.  I'm not familiar with Elastix, but it sounds like it's not registering to the provider correctly after loosing its connectivity on WAN.  Either that or you've configured your pfSense box incorrectly.

  • How are your WAN.s configured?

  • I followed the config in this


    I had a 3G/4G router with a usb modem on there at first (testing) however now I just have a TP-Link TL-WR702N which I will use if our cable drops or if we use our data limit, this is configured for the AP from my phone! So I am using it as a manual failover!

    Yeah my guess is that it is Elastix not asking for a reconnection!

    I am going to be installing the above mentioned 3G/4G router at a clients site today! If I can't get Elastix to connect to the VSP they will still have phones as it has a pstn line unlike mine here…..

    It does however have existing firewall rules RDP etc.! Should I leave that as is or create the same rules on the second WAN or even create the rules as Floating Rules?

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