How to prioritize a specific host ?

  • Hi all

    I have many PCs on my network and 2 of them MUST reach  the Internet with a decent bandwidth at all costs.
    How can I prioritize them ?

    thanks in advance


  • up. Help please

  • I'm not an expert or even intermediate traffic shaper user, but I want to help you out so here goes…

    Create an alias for the two PCs that need top bandwidth, eg. VIP_PC
    Run the Traffic Shaper wizard to create a VoIP shaper only.
    Use the alias (VIP_PC) you just created as the VoIP source.

    That should be it.  The wizard will create a VoIP queue that gets top bandwidth, except you won't be having any VoIP phones using it, just those two PCs.  You can check it by looking at Firewall - Rules - Floating.  You should have two rules, one in one out, that directs all I/O for those aliased PCs to qVoIP

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