Having trouble routing between interfaces

  • Hello all, this is my current setup:

    Wan1 ->                            pfSense
    Wan2 ->                            pfSense
    Lan (>            pfSense
    Loopback ( ->  pfSense

    Computers after both Lan and Loopback are not able to communicate with each other (no ping).

    I have a firewall rule in Lan with a gateway setup for policy based routing and according to this: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=73437.msg401069#msg401069 that's the reason they can't communicate with eath other. I need this firewall rule, how can I perform a manual route between these 2 subnets?

  • Update: Computer in Lan can ping (though it seems to be pinging over the internet and not locally 30-50ms)  and but computer in Loopback can only ping but not

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    Well you sure are not going to be using the gateway when talking to your other segment.  So put a rule above it that allows whatever traffic you want to that other segment.

  • Sorry, I'm not following. Wouldn't adding another rule on top of the "policy based routing" voids it (policy based routing)? range has WAN2 gateway assigned with policy based routing.
    Red arrows means no traffic. Yellow arrows are working traffic. pings over the Internet.

    External traffic goes as:

    Services in Windows: 195.x.x.98 (same as pfSense public IP) Static IP's assigned with virtual IP of WAN1 Single dynamic IP from WAN2

    Here's attached diagram (login to view)

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    No it wouldn't void because it would only be to your local segment.

    So you have source your lan to your loopback segment no gateway set whatever you want to allow any any, port 80m, whatever pass

    Then you have your rule that says use gateway group, or whatever wan you want to send specific traffic.

    Unless I am dest to the loopback segment, rule doesn't fire and I hit next rule until one fires or I get to default deny.

    You have to setup a rule that allows traffic to your other segments before you setup a rule to go out some specific wan or group gateway, etc.

  • So, let me see if I got this straight, all I have to is I create a firewall rule for whatever traffic/port (ex. SAMBA file sharing, IMCP) assigned to gateway of WAN1 before the rule of policy based routing (WAN2). I thought I had to do a rule for outbound NAT for WAN1/WAN2/LAN/Loopback.

    Damn, that was dumb then haha, let me set it up and report back.

  • It works :) but why is traffic going over the Internet?  :o

    Average of 30-53ms of ping to both and (Loopback subnet).

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    Why are you putting wan1??  Do you use wan one to get to your other segment?  Then why are you putting a gateway?  Leave the gateway blank so pfsense can use its own routing table to get there.  Look in you routing table.. Pfsense has an interface in that network - so it knows how to get there.

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