Request for haproxy-devel-1.5-dev25-amd64.pbi

  • Could we please get a package for the latest HAProxy. It has a number of bug fixes that will hopefully make it more stable.


    Four important issues were fixed since dev24. One could cause crashes on out-of-memory. Another one concerns FreeBSD where the shared session cache could have been used without locking, causing random crashes as well. The recent fixes for HTTP request body forwarding randomly caused pauses when using balance url_param. Last, arguments "-i" and "-n" were ignored on ACLs since dev23. Some pending changes were completed as well. Half-closed timeouts are now supported. Unix sockets are supported on the server side, as well as abstract namespace sockets on Linux. This allows backends and frontend to connect together without consuming TCP ports. The old unmaintained BSD and OSX Makefiles were removed. Per-listener process binding is finally possible using the "process" keyword on "bind" lines, which makes it possible to have one stats socket per process. Version 2 of the PROXY protocol was implemented on the server side. A few other minor improvements were made

  • Hey Taliesin,

    Have requested the same on the dev mailinglist a few days ago Now we must wait until the pfSense devs actually build/compile it.
    Heard on irc that the guy usually doing the building of packages is currently on the BSDCan conference, so might have to wait for him to come back & have some time to go over his emails..

    Anyway few other people also and myself included would indeed like to have dev25 available.

    Greets PiBa-NL

  • so haproxy 1.5.1 release version is out now.. but despite several mails send to the dev mailinglist there does not seem to be any progress.. for getting it available for the pfsense package.

  • @PiBa:

    so haproxy 1.5.1 release version is out now.. but despite several mails send to the dev mailinglist there does not seem to be any progress.. for getting it available for the pfsense package.

    Waiting on 1.5.1 too.

    Do you edit the package source code (including change versions numbers)? But then have them compile it?

    We should change the name of haproxy-devel to haproxy, and haproxy (1.4) to haproxy legacy. Or we could even drop haproxy 1.4 since 1.5 branch is stable now.

  • PiBa
    There is no need for an "none" and "http-keep-alive" option.

    Since 1.5dev22, if no option is specified http-keep-alive is used. I'd recommend you just remove the http-keep-alive option, and rename the none option to http-keep-alive.

  • Hi josh4trunks,

    In the 'past' just asking for a recompile was enough to get the a newer dev version build and available on Just needed to update the filenames and shown version for human readable purpose afterwards. When i started modifying the haproxy-devel package most of the compilation configuration in the pkg_config.8.* files was already done by marcelloc, changing versions there was not 'required' to get new dev versions available.. Maybe i should change the 'build_port_path' to /usr/ports/net/haproxy-devel instead of /usr/ports/net/haproxy now.. but i doubt that will work..

    One reply i got about a month back was: "It's not quite so simple right now as it used to be, however. The underlying problem is that the FreeBSD ports tree is not being updated in a way that FreeBSD 8.3 can use any longer since it has gone EOL upstream. That means this port, if it isn't in the 2014Q2 branch of ports, may need to be brought in as a pfPort or other action taken."
    I was also advised to wait for pfSense 2.1.4 as it might have come with that automatically.. That was released last week That turned out not to be the case.

    Today, i have send a new mail requesting some more info about how to proceed and or how i can add it to the pfPort items. Hopefully that will shed some light on how to proceed.

    As for the http-keep-alive, yes that needs to change a bit.. But was hoping to do a bit more 'developments' to the webgui with a more recent or now 'stable' version.

    Greets PiBa-NL

  • sounds good. thanks for the information. the current package is stable so I am in no hurry.

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