Help with Limiting Bandwidth (i figured it out)

  • i have exede Satellite Internet and it limits bandwidth allowed in a month to 10GB, but it also gives me "unmetered" bandwidth between midnight and 5AM.

    I already have my PFSense computer running and am using it for the Squid Caching Proxy to help the bandwidth.

    what i am wanting to be able to do is limit the bandwidth during the 5AM - Midnight to around 20-30Kbps (or even lower) and during the midnight to 5AM unmetered have it unlimited Speed (which tops out around 25Mbps.

    i have attached what i have so far in setting up the traffic shaper, but it still doesn't work.

    if the image doesn't display go here to my one drive for the picture, it is the same picture:!1246&authkey=!AGyfK5B8VqCTrt0&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg
    after you go to the page you can right click on the image and select download for the full image unscaled.

    durring my free period (also setting a new schedule for that, all setting except the schedule stayed the same) i went and downloaded a 250MB file and it downloaded at @20MB/s.

    any help is appreciated
    ![what i got.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/what i got.jpg)
    ![what i got.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/what i got.jpg_thumb)

  • ok, i figured out how to do it.

    it turns out that the Firewall rules are order dependent.  in the picture i had i had the firewall rule for limiting bandwidth at the bottom, but there was a ipv4 rule above it and it was letting all the bandwidth through and the firewall was never looking at my limiter rule.  moving it to the top of the list enabled the limiter and had it start working.

    other things i changed

    firewall: Rules: edit Protocol i set to "TCP/UDP"
    firewall: Rules: edit Source/Destination Type i set to "Any"

    i also in the Firewall: Traffic Shaper: Limiter(s) > under bandwidth i removed the burst number and set the schedule to the "limit" schedule.

  • Either in this thread or a new one, would you mind sharing screenshots/details about your squid proxy setup as well for your satellite broadband?  We are going through a similar venture and would like to see examples and an idea of how much is it saving you etc…

  • Either in this thread or a new one, would you mind sharing screenshots/details about your squid proxy setup

    i might, if i get a chance to.

    it did help when it was just me and facebook, but my dad started using a bunch of my internet and he started making us go over, so i came here to figure out how to limit bandwidth.  i currently am playing with the settings but i have it set to 150/50Kbps, at that speed the 144x170 videos can not stream from youtube.  also my email and facebook go really slow, but it is the price of having the internet i do.

    i would recommend going to youtube and looking it up.  i waited a month with this post here then i had a light bulb moment and looked on youtube.  make sure that you include 'PFsense [version of PFS]' in your search.  it is a lot faster then waiting for me to remember how i set it up in 6+ months ago.

    i took a minute and looked one up
    Youtube Video

    as well for your satellite broadband?

    i have exede internet <http:"" internet-packages-pricing="" service-availability="">.  i haven't had any problems with them charging me more if i go over my 10GB limit (they just slow me down a lot), but i am doing this bandwidth limiter to make sure they do not charge me extra in the future.  i pay $50 a month with $10 for hardware rental (or $220 for 2 years up front) and i get a 12d/3u Mb/s and unmetered from midnight to 5am local time. the unmetered period is the only reason i bought this if it wasn't for that i would still be on dialup. 
    not that satellite internet is bad, but take my advice DO WHAT EVER YOU CAN TO GET LAND LINE DSL OR CABLE.  the 10GB limit is very low and 'standard' use of email and facebook will eat in no time.</http:>

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