Help with rules, schedules, traffic shaper

  • Gang,

    I have a handful of hosts that I want to limit to a certain amount of bandwidth, and I also want to only allow internet access during certain periods of the day.

    I have the traffic shaper mostly working (hosts seem to burst beyond what I've set, and if I make changes to the rules/shaper, it seems to take a long time to have an effect on the hosts), but now I am trying to get the schedule thing working.

    I guess I need a default rule that denies access, right?  And then create a separate rule to allow based on schedule, and set the bandwidth limiter there?

    Having trouble trying to figure out how to order the rules, how many I need, etc.  I will be creating an alias for the devices to minimize the number of rules needed.

    Any advice welcome.

  • You should be able to put a pass rule for traffic from the alias, select the limiters you want and schedule you want. Then after that put a deny rule for traffic from the same alias. Then at schedule times the pass rule will apply first and be effective. Out-of-schedule-hours the deny will be hit.

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