Ubiquiti ToughSwitch

  • I am fairly new to PFSense, but feel like I'm taking "Crazy Pills".  I want to move my Ubiquiti ToughSwitch, and the Unifi WAP connected to it, and move them to their own (NON-LAN) Subnet, so that I can work on distributing traffic from a "Secure" Subnet, without it being attached to my LAN.

    My problem is this… Ubiquiti ToughSwitch 8 Pro, Seems to be REFUSING TO SWITCH SUBNETS.

    I've changed the appliance to DHCP, Reset it, and everything else that I can seem to think of, and it spits right in my face.

    I hope that this isn't the case, as I hate wasting money, but between this and a few repeated setups with the Unifi, I may be preparing to walk on the Ubiquiti Brand.

    Could someone please be kind enough to inform me, whether this "Layer 2 appliance with stern demands", can be set to be accessed and managed from another subnet?

    Thank You for your support.

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