Multiples WAN handling Gateways & DNS

  • Hi,

    I have an APU1C board running pfSense 2.2 ALPHA (latest as today) with the following :

    Internet WAN access has 2 options - the installation is live on a boat

    • dockside, using CPL to reach a DSL box using re0 on the APU1C with dhcp
    • navigation, using the built-in 3G-4G Sierra modem

    I create a group inside routing with the 2 gateway (CPL and 3G) with 1Tier for CPL and 2Tier for 3G.
    A rule for the Wifi and LAN interface to use my Failover Gateway Group
    It seems at an IP Perspective that everything is working fine when you have WAN trough CPL, loose CPL and switch to 3G.

    But the problem is DNS ?
    It seems that the DNS Servers acquired trough dhcp on the re0 interface where we have the CPL keep for ever the DNS Servers even when the monitoring return down and the switch to 3G is done with the bad DNS Servers, how to handle this properly ?

    Thanks in advance.



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