Errors in Status -> Queues view?

  • I'm seeing some output on the Status -> Queues display which I can't explain and I'm wondering if anyone else can. Periodically I see things like a Bandwidth value for some of the queues which is something like 180Mbps (sometimes on multiple different queues at the same time). I think this is impossible as the NICs in this system are only 100Mbps NICs so how could I have more that 100Mbps going though multiple queues at the same time??? Nevermind that traffic is being limited with HFSC to a maximum of 6Mbps… for traffic coming in from the WAN too...

    Has anyone else seen bandwidth numbers on the queue status page that don't make sense? Or have any ideas about what the problem might be?

  • It's a bug as far as I can tell.  I see the same thing, as do others.  It seems to happen for me most when I manually refresh the view with F5.

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