[solved] How can I use the user management/right management in packages

  • Hello,

    I’ve written a  add-on for squidGuard.  It needs squidGuard3 and works well on the first test. But I need a user management. How can I use the included user management. I have created a user, the user should only be able to use the new add-on. I see two opportunities:

    1. Put the new side in the “System: Group manager: Add privileges”-list (however?!?)
    2. Check in the new side the group of the current user (however?!?)
      I think the first is more nicely but the second is easier. But I have no idea to realize it.

    So my questions are:

    1. how can I add a self created side to the “System: Group manager: Add privileges”-list
    2a. how can I get the username in a php-script
    2b. how can I get the groups of a user.

    Thank you


    I found it:

    I take a look in the package file "/usr/local/pkg/squidguard.xml". In this file ist the internal name of the package "<name>squidguardgeneral</name>"

    Then I creat a file “/etc/inc/priv/squidguardgeneral.priv.inc” with:

    global $priv_list;
    $priv_list['page-squidguardgeneral'] = array();
    $priv_list['page-squidguardgeneral']['name']  = gettext("WebCfg - Services: squidGuard");
    $priv_list['page-squidguardgeneral']['descr'] = "Indicates whether the user is able to login on squidguard.";
    $priv_list['page-squidguardgeneral']['match'] = array();
    $priv_list['page-squidguardgeneral']['match'][] = "squidGuard/squidguard_addon.php*";


    Now I can see a new line in the privileges-list and give this privilege to a user. And it works.

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