Pfsense won't boot - fatal trap 30

  • So I'm stumped mostly because I don't know much about *nix platforms but I've been running my pfsense for a while now. Love it. However, I had some issues the other day, rebooted and it would not come back up. I seem to be having hardware troubles. I got a monitor on it today and it doesn't get far before freezing on this:
    fatal trap 30: reserved (unknown) fault while in kernel mode
    it gives some hex details and at the bottom it says it stopped at root_bus_configure:  pushl  %ebp
    Does any of this help anyone understand what my box is balking at?

  • It sounds like your hard drive is corrupted. Do you have a usb slot or a card reader slot on that? Another way to boot with the install files is what I'm trying to say. Does it let you get to the console at all before freezing? If it does then try typing fsck to let it go through it's routine. Even if it looks like it's loading files you can still type it while it's doing that and it will run it's check. Other than trying that so you don't lose all your files you might just have to bite the bullet and get another hard drive. They typically last around 4yrs or so I'm told. Then again I don't really know what your box consists of. You could very well have an SSD for all I know. Describe your system please.

  • So I was trying to get to a prompt and it suddenly moved past this in the boot process. It threw some errors about recovering files, so you appear to be dead on. wired it back to the production setup and it failed to boot again before booting again with file errors. The hard drive is roughly a year old small ssd. I'll need to test booting off a usb when I get time. Thanks for the quick response.

  • Can you remember whether any packages were added previous to the system not booting? How much memory does the system have? Also when you get a chance write exactly what you have.

    For example:



    Network Cards-

    Video Card-

    Power Supply-

    Whether it's a desktop pc or more like a router-

    I did find what Trap 30 means for BSD. It has something to do with IRQ's. So, yes it's definitely a hardware problem but I'm still wondering if maybe you installed more packages than your system could handle and it just ran out of memory. It's just a guess though. This was the link but it may not help. It's just to bring the problem into better focus so that it may be solved.

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    Which SSD exactly is it?


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