• Can't seem to access the tools repo any more (tried from multiple networks):

    $ ping
    PING ( 56 data bytes
    36 bytes from ( Destination Host Unreachable
    Vr HL TOS  Len   ID Flg  off TTL Pro  cks      Src      Dst
     4  5  00 5400 923f   0 0000  30  01 ea0e 

    Has the host name changed?

  • no, you're correct.  It appears to be down, or blocked.

    I'll get someone to look at it.

    BTW, mail to coreteam@ will typically result in a faster response.

  • FYI it was down since, Sunday, apparently the disk image didn't get moved during a data migration.  (My Fault).  I've restored the system from backup, and forced a resync of all the repos.  I believe it has loaded everyone's keys in.

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