Problem with total bandwidth Limit

  • Hi I'm here again! ;D I have a problem to total bandwidth limit. I try to create a total bandwidth limit in floating rules,

    here is,

    Action: pass
    Interface: wan
    Direction: out
    Protocol: tcp/udp
    Source: any
    Destination port range: 80
    In/Out: TotalUpload/TotalDownload

    In lan rules
    Action: pass
    Interface: lan
    Protocol: tcp/udp
    Destination port range: 80
    In/Out: PerIPUpload/PerIPDownload

    the lan rules is working for limit per ip, but on floating rules is not working because it will exceed to the total bandwidth I assign..

    How can I limit the total bandwidth for browsing and download? because I want to reserve my remaining bandwidth for online games.

    thanks in advance!!

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