Pfsense want boot after first boot installation (help)

  • Hi All ,

    I am installing new Pfsense 2.1.3 64 on Intel R1304BB4DC based server with RsTe disk adapter
    The installation went well , i did all by default , but after installation its stays stacked on following screen attached below
    please advice how can i resolve this issue

  • Do you have two hard disks in that system?

    Did you use a Live CD for the install or a USB stick?

    It looks like the system was pointed to the wrong boot partition by the automatic install.

    It's possible to correct this error by hitting "? <enter>" after getting this message and noting the correct bootable partition from the list it provides.  Then type "ufs:/dev/da1s1" (for eg.) to get pfsense up and running.  Once up you will have to exit to the shell and edit fstab to contain the correct partition you just used.

    This may sound a little complex. Normally I use the "Custom" option of the Installer. It will take you through a number of prompts (most of which you can simply accept the defaults) but for me it gives me a better idea of where the install is actually going.  In your case it should ask you which drive you want to use for the install.

    You could try a reinstall using the manual method and see what's happening.  I find the manual installs are pretty quick and painless.  Once you have pfsense up and running, the real fun begins ;)</enter>

  • Hi
    Thanks for the answer

    the server was installed by livecd its have only one disk
    i did what you suggested and typed ? then the```

    when i get into```
    ```everything seems in order so i don't know really what to fix to make it boot correctly
    any idea

  • My next step would be to try a reinstall using the Custom option and see if I can understand what partitions/ bootblocks are getting (or not getting) written.

    Just had a thought, was this disk empty before the install or did you have a previous installation on it?  If there's something else there then use the Custom install and make sure to Format and repartition the disk.

    Failing that, you might try a USB stick install, I've seen some drive assignments change in certain Bios's when using a USB vs a CD.

    There may be someone brighter than me who can chime in with another (better) suggestion….... :)


  • Glad we could help

  • Thank you :)

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