PfSense 2.1.2 firmware update taking +20 hours… that can't be right

  • I install pfSense ver 2.1.2 and downloaded the firmware update file name latest.tgz and now it has been over 20 hours installing this update and can't get the firewall to reboot or anything. It is updating over our network but I wouldn't think it would take that long to update.  What should I do now. Force it off and start over (which at this point  I'm ready to do).  I can't spend another day waiting on this thing.  Thanks in advance.. Dixie

  • Did you see the file transfer complete, and the update process start?  My experience is that an update is about 2-3 minutes to complete.

    If you have a config saved that you can restore, I would try rebooting.  May want to just install 2.1.3 from scratch and restore your config.

  • Further,

    Was this a disk or flash install?  How long had the 2.1.2 install been running?  Any packages installed?

    I agree completely with charliem, a fresh install and reload is often the simplest cure.

  • I don't think the disk was full, it was a fresh install and I believe it is a 150GB HD.  The only thing I set was the IPs for the LAN and WAN.  The file did transfer and the message reads "firmware upgrade in progress" and has been like that forever.  Do you think.  I'll force a reboot and see what happens.  Thanks again.

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