Access web interface of Pfsense in a Virtual machine with VirtualBox

  • I have installed PFsense in a virtual machine ( VirtualBox, Windows 7 Host Machine) to be used as a real router. There is two NICS on this computer one for Wan and the other one for LAN. Plugged a wireless switch in the LAN port to connect other real computers to the "PFsense router". Everything works.
    My only problem is that I would like to access the web interface of PFsense with the host machine ( windows 7). At the moment I can only access the web interface when connecting a computer to the switch on the LAN port.
    For future remote administration I would really need a way to connect to the web interface with the host computer.
    What configuration should I do to access it.

    Thank you.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    How do you have virtualbox configured for networking  I would assume the hosts interfaces are bridged to both interfaces and has no IP on its os for the WAN, and an interface on the LAN bridged to LAN of pfsense of pfsense with an IP on the lan interface of pfsense.

    If this is the case you should have no problems connecting to web gui of pfsense from your host machine.

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