Firewall didn't reboot after upgrade and some log errors

  • I upgraded my home system which is a basic system running on a slow celeron 600mhz Axiomtek embedded hardware .  I removed the snort package before upgrading since I new that was not updated for 2.2 as of the time I upgraded btw.

    The system did not reboot on it's own.  I waited about an hour.  I was able to get the dashboard to show the CPU and it was very low at 3% and the disk activity listening to the hard drive was idle.  I couldn't get a ps listing using the gui command prompt menu as the ps command output from the command was giving 2 errors about files not existing (sorry I don't have the errors).  That might be normal though because it was at the end of the upgrade but not rebooted.  I tried the reboot menu item from the gui but that didn't work.  I finally issued a 'shutdown -r now' command using the gui command prompt menu item and the firewall rebooted and seems to have come up working.

    I noticed a log entry that might be interesting after I rebooted and the system came back up…

    php: rc.bootup: The command '/usr/sbin/pw userdel -n 'admin'' returned exit code '1', the output was 'pw: entry inconsistent pw: gr_copy(): Invalid argument'

    2.2-ALPHA (i386)
    built on Wed May 21 19:52:43 CDT 2014
    FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE

    And oh yea... I LOVE the widescreen theme (pfsense_ng_fs)!!!  That is a very big feature to me :).

    Here is a pic that shows that the upgrade actually only took around 15 minutes.  Interestingly the process count stopped working while the ps command wasn't working.  I started the upgrade around 1:15am or 1:20am.  I manually rebooted sometime around 1:40am.

  • Probably you switched from 32 -> 64 bit or vice versa.

  • That was the first thing that came to mind because I did that before on this box.  This is not a 64bit capable box though and I know for sure it was 32bit before.  When I made that mistake last time I had to reinstall from scratch because it wouldn't boot at all on 64bit.

  • Is it worth restoring back to 2.1.3 and then performing the upgrade again to see if it is reproducible? (I made a full backup before I upgraded to 2.2 Alpha).  Hopefully someone has tested restoring from a backup and I am not the first guinea pig on that :).

  • I have not run into that on the few upgrades I've done.  You might have a look at /var/log/installer.log and see if anything pops out.  (Actually I don't know if that file is created on an upgrade, or only first install).

    If you can reproduce it, I'm sure the devs would want to know about it, since I think 2.2 is on a fast track.  It's been working well for me, once I got ipsec running.

  • The upgrade.log looks like it is only written to during the first install.  Does anyone know if there are any logs stored during an upgrade?  I don't see any in /var/log or /root or /tmp.  Unless there is some kind of logging I don't know that doing a full restore will really help troubleshoot the issue.

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