Hardware tested with 4 NICS - Load balancing with Failover - European reseller

  • Hi all,

    wich embedded motherboard works well with 1.2RC3 that you can suggest
    to to realize

    nic1 -> lan
    nic2 -> wan1 LB + FAILOVER
    nic3 -> wan2 LB + FAILOVER
    nic4 -> dmz
    (and possibly also with a minipci connector to realize also a wifi segment: wich wifi card can you suggest me for an indoor use?)

    could be nice to have something like an ALIX or similar with 4 ethernet ports.
    something like
    GW2345 IXP425 533MHz Network Processor (4/4/64) but with only 64 Mb Ram

    FX5620 VIA EDEN 1Ghz 6 NIC Firewall/Router Platform - 1xGigaLAN + 5x10/100

    some experience about?

    Is the 1.2RC3 enough stable and can realize Policy based routing + load balancing +failover ?

    If i start configuring the policy based routing (i'm thinking at the ftp or mail or https) if the mail link goes down all the traffic is automatically passed to the other link even if it configured as LB rather than Failover?
    in other words : "if i configure the load balancing does it automatically become a failover if a link goes down or should i do it manually ? If so should i rewrite the output rules? "

    Can i set the load balancing ratio between the two lans?
    (example: 3 connection over the fastest link and 1 over the slower)
    Any clue suggestion in LB about skype or voip traffic?

    EU reseller
    Do you know some reseller in Europe such the greek folks of AERIAL.NET
    that can send me ALIX.2C3? Recently i had no response from them.
    Buying in Euro zone I'd like to avoid custom controls or simplify the transaction…

    thank you very much.


  • That gateworks product won't work on anything based on FreeBSD like pfsense or m0n0wall because it doesn't use an x86 processor.  The other product looks like it might be a good fit.

    You can also look at a soekris net5501+4port ethernet card.

  • .
    Please, do NOT double post the same questions over again. And do not triple post either!
    Once actually is enough!

    ALIX boards can be obtained by the mfr'er PCengines who resides in Switzerland.
    Have a look:  http://www.pcengines.ch/order.php

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