PfSense Mini-ITX MB

  • Hello, I'm going to build a Mini-ITX system, and I'm looking at a mobo, I was planing the intel dq77kb, it's small, intel NIC's, inboard power supply. But one problem, outdated.

    Is it a good bet? Or should I get another model? I would like to have dual NIC, the LGA it's not important, since I'm going to buy a new processor.

    The price range, max 120USD, give or take a few dollars.

    Thank you in advance
    Best Regards

  • I would probably go for one of the cheap Kabini boards and add a dual Intel NIC card. Jaguar is on par with the new Atom, you get 4 cores and AES-NI.

  • And will that give me a better solution that using a  intel dq77kb?

    Thank you

  • There are haswell / socket 1150 thin itx boards, none of them have dual intel nics though.

    Nice thing about haswell is it brings AES-NI down to i3 price level.

  • I just built a device using the dq77kb board.  It is working very well.  I used an intel Celeron G550 and 120gb msata that I already had.  I also installed 8gb of ram.


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