2.1.2 upgrade restricts lan wan speeds

  • New APU uploaded 2.01 backup file had some small glitches. But most important is the lan to wan speed is terrible. We are on a 50 meg circuit. But when we connect w or without captive portal our connectivity speed is 1.02+- down an upload. We have not had issue with 2.01 using captive portal. Any ideas .

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    Check the Status: Interfaces: page for errors or collisions. With that sort of speed throttling you may have a duplex mismatch.


  • Thanks for the reply Steve

    Sorry to not have replied… Been Busyyyy...  But Yes We have looked at the interfaces.. interfaces have be come a somewhat PAIN>>>

    We are doing a bundle of Fiber installation and turn ups and the equip provided to connect with from ATT is not really the most friendly hardware available. We have to make sure all connections to the Ciena equip is no more than 100mg. So we have had several challenges.. But that is another NiteMare....

    I feel that I may need to expand the information to the forum.. Our backup we have installed is from a full install version 2.01.  We are loading the backup to an APU Board running 2.1.2 Wandering again... would that cause a Huge traffic slow down.

    We have no traffic shaping, load balancing that I am able to see.. We were trying to use the backup for this office as to keep us from having to create all from Scratch...

    Now we have the the same situation at another location.  Only difference is the 2nd location is on a Alix 2d2 Board with 2.01 with backup loaded all looks good but no speed.  Connected to a 20meg circuit on the 2nd loc., and any speed test from different sites shows the same Slow Slow, 0.96+- dwnld to 1.02+- upload.

    We are having a fun time with both of these sites as the BOSS is not Happy Happy Happy.

    Your Thoughts and intellect are very much Appreciated.


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    Such a massive restriction is hard to explain by any other means. You have the same ISP at both sites? Something they're doing?
    One thing you can try is to download something directly to the pfSense box to check if the restriction is WAN or LAN side.

    [2.1.3-RELEASE][root@pfsense.fire.box]/root(1): fetch -o /dev/null http://cachefly.cachefly.net/10mb.test
    /dev/null                                     100% of   10 MB 1400 kBps

    Not great speed for me but I'm in the UK, assuming you're in the US.


  • Thks Steve.

    I did forget to state.. It is same ISP.  I have validated speed is uninhibited in front of APU. On user side going thru pfsense the wan service is restricted.

    I will be on location tentative wed., I will verify an validate lan traffic speeds.

    As always

    Thank you


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    If nothing has changed on the LAN side of both boxes, other then the firmware, then I doubt the restriction is that side. My guess is that you'll see the same speed directly on the box.
    My guess would still be on the interface speed being incorrect. Perhaps it's successfully negotiating to 10MbFD (were those speeds you gave in bits or Bytes?) in which case you'd see no errors or collisions. Other equipment is negotiating a higher speed and hence not seeing a restriction.


  • Thks


  • Poppy, did you ever get this to work?  I'm in a similar situation, and I'd like to know what you found.

  • Just to add my experience
    Every fiber service switch I have ever connected to has required me to force the interface settings in pfsense.  The always connect half duplex and sometimes the wrong speed if I leave it to auto-negotiate. 
    Most likely the settings are 100baseTX / full duplex

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