• Simple put, I can easily setup WAN to LAN (or OPT) without a problem, but I am trying to route between OPT to OPT or LAN to OPT.  The only difference should be a different source port? or is there more to it then that.

    Another thing, I have an external IP that I have a domain attached, our WAN pfsense connection does indeed sit on the internet with its own dedicated ip and is bridged to the ISP, so we are relying on pfSense to be a strong firewall.

    If I want to address something like router.[companyname].com:5060 from the outside, it is fine but if i do it inside it fails, is it possible to access the WAN from within the LAN?

  • Routing between directly-connected networks "just happens" once you put firewall rule/s on each interface to allow the traffic - e.g. on OPT1 put a rule that allows source OPT1net destination LANnet. No need to do any port forwarding or other tricky stuff.
    To access a server that has a public name that is port-forwarded back inside your own network you can use NAT reflection. But actually it is easier to do "split-DNS". In pfSense DNS forwarder add a host override for that public name, pointing to the local/private IP of the server. Then LAN-side clients that ask for the name to be resolved, will get an answer that is the local/private IP of the server, and they will successfully connect locally to it.