Which commercial firewall is most similar to pfSense.

  • In the monowall mailing list in 2004 Manuel stated when he started monowall he was targeting similar features for monowall similar to devices on this list.

    "I especially had the following models in mind:

    • WatchGuard SOHO
    • ZyXEL ZyWALL 10
    • SonicWALL SOHO
    • NetScreen 5XP"

    I was wondering which commercial firewall products have the most in common with pfSense x86 install.

    Or in other words if a person were to venture into the commercial market to buy a firewall with similar features which routers would they be looking into.  And how much would they cost?

    If there are no matches, what is a best guess that a commercial solution would cost with the features that  pfSense contains?



  • I haven't found any that are that similar. PFSense is far better than any commercial SOHO firewall. In fact it rivals all commercial offerings in my mind. I've seen both WatchGuard and SonicWALL top of the line models crumble under a 20mb load that was a couple years ago. Cisco PIX is stable but far less intuitive than PFSense.

    Areas where PFSense excels beyond other commercial firewalls.

    Intuitive GUI
    Feature Rich
    Simple to Upgrade
    Best backup and restore
    Backup file is intuitive relatively easy to modify manually.
    Commercial Support is available and high level.
    Developers are generous and will respond to ideas, and questions.
    Customizations and new features are in reach even for the modest budget with a bounty.
    Leverages the power, security, stability, and maturity of the FreeBSD operating system.

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